Bangkok Seimitsu machining technology Co.,Ltd.  was founded in 1999.It is situated at Rangsit, just 30km away from Bangkok city. Mr. Payungsak Boonthaworn the owner & the President of the company Leads and provides strategically sustaining guidance to the firm through the highly skilled technical/managerial experts from both native and foreign to the integrity of the firm. It has a successful track record with customer recognition in the manufacturing industry.

     Bangkok Seimitsu operates a well-equipped machine shop, which fabricates one-of-a-kind to numerous specialty items. It also does a large quantity of machining jobs for globally notified industries, which use the services that contributes to sustain in their competitive advantage and going maintenance of their businesses. In addition, it manufactures all kind of make to order/ mass production jobs as per customer requirement and the assembly of some unique fixtures, which enhance the customer to meet the quality requirements with the strong hands in the tooling assembly.