Bangkok Seimitsu operates a well-equipped machine shop, which fabricates one-of-a-kind to numerous specialty items. We do a large variety of machining jobs for globally notified industries, which use the services that contributes to sustain in their competitive advantage and going maintenance of their businesses. We are capable of doing Tooling design and manufacturing of all kind of die set, press tool and mold. In addition, we do precision parts, make to order/ mass production jobs as per customer requirement and the assembly of some unique fixtures, which enhance the customer to meet the quality requirements with the strong hands in the tooling assembly.

   Whatever our clients' needs, whether it be custom carbide, steel Pin/Punches with ROLLOMATIC Machine, complex precision CNC machining, or any kind of industrial job, 

   We at Bangkok Seimitsu are committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction every time. As one of the most dependable machine shops in Thailand has to offer, Bangkok Seimitsu  is your perfect choice for experienced, professional service.